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Gear Review: Coleman Cooler

Coleman Cooler with a Cat

Now that’s a three day cooler!

Those were the first words my dad said to me when he saw this cooler in the trunk of our car.

What is a three day cooler, you ask? Well, it’s a cooler that can keep your beer and provisions (that’s what you call food when you’re camping) cold for, you guessed it – three days.… Continue Reading →


Ryan eating Berthillon Ice Cream

The Best Ice Cream in Paris

Paris is a city best explored by foot and after walking all those miles, you will probably be hungry. Everyone loves a sweet treat while on vacation, and in Paris, there is temptation on every block. Crepes at a corner cafe. Pain au chocolat from a boulangerie.… Continue Reading →

Malmaison Oxford

Inside Malmaison Oxford

From Castle to Prison to Hotel

Following the Norman invasion of England and the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror was crowned King of England on Christmas Day, 1066. The Norman aristocrats who fought for William expected a little something for the effort, and so William handed out land. This proved unpopular with the subjugated natives, so they did what oppressed people do: rebel.… Continue Reading →

The Standard

The Standard - Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant in Oxford

English cuisine has a lot of stereotypes assigned to it, but the one we can all agree on is that food, like pretty much everything else in England, is expensive. Vacation budgets should be used to eat food, not be eaten up by food, so in England, it becomes a bit of a challenge to find a place that provides delicious, quality food at a modest price, even when you are paying for them in pounds and pence.… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Bar


Restaurant and Bar in Amsterdam Zuid

Chocolate Bar is a restaurant and bar located just off of the Albert Cuyp Market in the De Pijp. With a wide variety of food and drinks, it is the perfect place to get lunch, dinner or a late night snack. If the weather is nice, grab a table outside and dine al fresco.… Continue Reading →

The 9 Things in My Quart Sized Bag: Dude Edition

Liquids in my carry on

Last week, Kindra told you which liquids she puts in her quart size bag when we fly. My needs aren’t as extensive, but here’s my packing list:

  1. Crest Toothpaste Travel Size — I usually pack 2 of these.
  2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash — I use this face wash my daily routine, but it’s even more important when I travel, since the stress of flying can can aggravate my skin.
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De Stadskantine

Breakfast at de Stadskantine

Coffee and Croissants, Beer and Broodjes in Amsterdam

You know the type of food you want, but you can’t put it to words. You don’t want fast food, nor do you want to go to a restaurant and sit down. Cafes are for lingering; you just want a quick bite to eat and maybe a beverage to wash it all down.… Continue Reading →

Albert Cuypmarket

Artichokes at Albert Cuypmarket

The Largest Outdoor Market in the Netherlands

In 1905, in an attempt to organize the chaos of street vendors that had flooded to the streets of the city’s newest neighborhood, the Amsterdam city government created an open air market along Albert Cuypstraat in De Pijp. At first, the market was just open on Saturday, but in 1912, the hours expanded to the current six days a week.… Continue Reading →


Perfect Pasta at Spaghetteria, Amsterdam

Sublime Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid

You know the saying, “If you only have one thing on the menu, you better do it right.” Well,  from this cozy single room restaurant comes some of the best Italian food found outside of Italy. At Spaghetteria, the pasta is handmade each day from organic wheat straight from Italy.… Continue Reading →