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Travel Tip 29: Pack an Umbrella

When It Rains, It Pours

Keeping your clothes dry is important at home where you have access to a washer and dryer and a closet full of clean, dry clothes. It is even more important when you are traveling and living out of a small carry-on sized bag for a few weeks.… Continue Reading →

Biking to Edam


The Namesake of the Cheese in  Noord Holland

 L&A HQ is located in America’s Dairyland, and we eat our (more than) fair share of cheese. As the old saying goes, “It’s not a meal without cheese.” Wait, that’s not an old saying? Must be something we just say. Maybe it’s on our license plates.… Continue Reading →


Electric Avenue and More

After WWII, Japan began rebuilding. Roads and homes were constructed, people went to school and new consumer products were all the rage. In Tokyo, a black market electronics trade flourished in the area surrounding the train tracks in Tokyo’s Taito neighborhood near a school of electrical manufacturing.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #28: Pack a Swimsuit

Travel Tip #28: Pack a Swimsuit

I enjoy swimming. Not the lap swimming you see at the Y or the kind that requires deep concentration. I enjoy being in the water, splashing around throwing a ball and attempting to do a headstand. So it is not really swimming, but that is what I call it.… Continue Reading →

Highway 18 Outdoor Theater

Old-Fashioned Drive-In Movie Theater In Jefferson

Thirty miles east of Madison, just outside of Jefferson, lies a place that will take you back to a time before multiplexes and stadium seating. The Highway 18 Outdoor Theater shows first-run movies as part of a double (or triple!) feature on summer nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.… Continue Reading →

Memorial Union & Lake Mendota

memorial union

The perfect Summer (or Spring or Fall) Day in Madison

So you are in Madison for a day and the weather is just too gorgeous to be inside. You are aware that the summers are painfully short here and you want to take advantage of the sunshine while you can. The perfect day?… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #26

london hotel

Hotel Tip #4 Beware of Hotel Cancellation Policies.

Most major hotels do not charge you until you check out and will allow you to cancel up to the day you are scheduled to arrive without a penalty. That is not always the case with smaller, family-run lodgings. These places have a tighter budget and fewer rooms, so last minute cancellations can really hurt their bottom line.… Continue Reading →

The Famous Crystal River Canoe Trip

crystal river waupaca

Canoe Trip In Waupaca, Wisconsin

Between Stevens Point and Appleton, just off of US 10 lies a slice of paradise in Waupaca: 22 spring-fed lakes all joined together. The Chain O’ Lakes is home to many childhood memories, some of the best pizza around and Ding’s Dock. Ding has been taking people down the Crystal River since your dad was a kid.… Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Day Trip

sprecher brewery

Eight Hours in the Brew City

Whenever L&A goes to a city, we head for their art museum and brewery. To my knowledge, these do not exist as a single entity, but if anyone knows of one, please let us know. Milwaukee is a city with a museum and several breweries, so we went for a day trip.… Continue Reading →