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Travel Tip #32

Proper Sun Protection

When I was a kid, my grandparents lived on a lake and we visited them just about every weekend in the summer. Though the drive was only an hour, it seemed to take an eternity. (Now that I think about it, what doesn’t take an eternity to a kid?… Continue Reading →

The Japan Rail Pass


Using Your JR Pass

If you think you want to go to Japan, but aren’t sure of you can move about the country without being able to read or speak Japanese, don’t worry. The Japanese mass transit system – arguably the finest in the world – has English as a second language.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #31

Bring Your Gadgets’ Accessories

Remember your first Discman? It took 24 AA batteries and would skip if you tilted it to see which track you were on. You were only able to listen to the one album, but hey, you could listen to the same song over and over with just the press of a button (so this is why it is better than a Walkman!).… Continue Reading →

Shinjuku Gyoen

shinjuku gyoen

Lovely Gardens in the Center of Tokyo

Tokyo is a pulsating metropolis. Jam-packed sidewalks and a dizzying array of trains, subways, buses and taxis that move the city’s 13 million inhabitants should make it seem more overwhelming than it actually is, and this is in no small part because of the lovely green spaces that dot the landscape. … Continue Reading →

Honeypie Cafe

Eggs Benedict, Honeypie Cafe

Brunch in Bayview

Honeypie Cafe in Bayview, Milwaukee is uses fresh, local ingredients to make Wisconsin style food. What is Wisconsin style food you ask? Well, it’s tasty, seasonal, home cooked comfort food with an emphasis on cheese (of course) and pork. This commitment to all things Wisconsin extends to the bar as well.… Continue Reading →

Anodyne Cafe

anodyne cafe

Bayview’s Best Coffee

One of the best places for coffee in Madison is the Victory. Located on Atwood Avenue on the East side, this tiny outfit on the corner of Corry Street serves up some big taste. Great coffee comes from great roasters and Victory’s source is Anodyne. With flavor this rich, we had to make a pilgrimage.Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #30

Bring Your Own Food on the Airplane

“Chicken or beef?” You hear the flight attendant ask the question. You try to peer around the food cart so perfectly sized that even a stray napkin cannot fit between it and your armrest to see what the other passengers are eating. Forget which looks better.… Continue Reading →

The Victory

the victory

The East Side of Madison’s Best Coffee

“I feel like coffee,” she says.

“I want ice cream,” he says.

The solution? The Victory. Located on the corner of Atwood Avenue and Corry Street on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin, the Victory is the place for coffee in Madison’s hip east side neighborhood.… Continue Reading →

Ueno Park

Ueno park

Family-Friendly Park in Taito, Tokyo

Any big city worth its salt has a large public park where its citizens can congregate, relax and while away a day off. In Tokyo’s Taito neighborhood, that is Ueno Park. After you have overstimulated your senses in Akihabara, walk a few blocks north to the spacious and inviting Ueno Park.… Continue Reading →