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Piz Gloria & The Schilthorn

Blofield's Lair - Piz Gloria

Part Three of our Alpine Adventure

We all know that being a tourist is about eating, going to the top of things and seeing things you saw in a movie right? So visiting the Piz Gloria, a rotating restaurant/Bond villain lair perched on top of a mountain is the tourist destination equivalent of a triple-threat.… Continue Reading →

Eiger Guesthouse in Murren

The Eiger Guesthouse, Murren, Switzerland

Part Two of our Alpine Adventure

As we discussed yesterday, the charming village of Murren makes the ideal home base for exploring the Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps. Since the main industry of the town is tourism, there is no lack of hotels, and we recommend the Eiger Guesthouse.… Continue Reading →

Traveling in the Swiss Alps

Jungfrau from Murren

Part One of our Alpine Adventure

The Swiss Alps. Just saying it conjures up visions of snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys. Dainty edelweiss and clanging cowbells. Yodeling, milkmaids, leiderhosen and Bond villains. In short, an irresistible combination of stunning scenery and nostalgic kitsch. And the best place to experience these alpine delights is in the Bernese Oberland.… Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: Cashews!

Cashew Fruit in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you can buy cashew fruit! See the green “stems”? That’s the part that holds the nut part we are familiar with!
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Safe House

Spy Memorabilia at Safe House, Milwaukee


Are you a secret agent on the run? Or maybe just hungry? Come in from the cold and grab some R&R at Milwaukee’s only spy-themed bar & restaurant.

At Safe House, the fun begins by finding the place. We’ll give you a clue…International Exports Ltd.… Continue Reading →

Gear Review: GorillaPod Tripod

Ryan & Kindra in Scotland

Expand your photography with a flexible tripod

My favorite camera accessory is my GorillaPod. A tripod is essential for capturing low light shots, and this particular one is small and light enough to stow in my backpack. However, the killer feature is the bendy legs which securely grip surfaces like light posts, trees and moving bikes, allowing you to get unique and special shots that might be inaccessible otherwise.… Continue Reading →

Brewery Map

Brewery tours

Plan your summer now!

Temps have been in the 30s and 40s in Wisconsin during the last few days, and in celebration of this heat wave, we’ve updated our brewery tour map so you can begin to plan your summer vacation. (You do plan your trips around visits to breweries right?)

Bookmark the link and check back often, we’re planning on visiting more breweries soon!… Continue Reading →