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Gear Review: Ear Plugs

How to sleep like a baby no matter where you are

One of the trickiest parts of traveling is getting a good night’s sleep in an unfamiliar hotel room. I mean, let’s face it, even the most fabulous hotel on earth has weird sounds that jolt you from your soporific slumber like a jackhammer to the skull.… Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Bottle Opener

Suck UK bottle opener

A Travel Essential for Beer Geeks

We’re kind of ashamed to admit it, but neither of us can open a beer bottle sans opener. We never mastered the lighter trick (and we don’t smoke anyway), our mothers would kill us if we used our teeth, and after an ill-advised and excruciating attempt to use a piece of paper to open a bottle of ESB in a B&B in the Lake District; we’ve just made it a point to pack a bottle opener whenever we travel.… Continue Reading →

La Cave à Bulles

Beer at Cave a Bulles

French, Belgian & American Craft Beer Store in Paris

La Cave à Bulles is both literally and figuratively the epicenter for craft beer in Paris. Literally, because it’s located in the 3rd arrondissement in the center of Paris, and figuratively because its owner, Simon Thillou, is changing the face of craft beer in France.… Continue Reading →

Travel Bloggers: A Cruising Couple

Dan & Casey Conquer the World

A lot of people go on a honeymoon after they get married. But most people don’t go on a 7-week, 11,000 mile road trip across the USA for their honeymoon; and still fewer set off halfway across the world to teach English after that! Fortunately, Dan & Casey aren’t most people, and even more fortunately you can live vicariously through their photos and stories as they share their experiences as newly-weds in Taiwan, their home base.… Continue Reading →

Love Locks

Mingle with the universe, and feel

One of the best parts of traveling as a couple, is that you get to spend uninterrupted time with the person you love the most in the world. And, not to get all Love Actually on you, but it seems like the world agrees with me, because places to put love locks are cropping up all over the world.… Continue Reading →

Hotel De Rocroy

Cozy and comfortable Paris hotel

Although the Hotel de Rocroy is just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the Gare du Nord train station, the hotel itself is tucked away on a side street. The rooms are quiet and comfortable – perfect for a romantic getaway in the city of lights.… Continue Reading →

Hotel Avalon Paris

A stylish steal in the city

We were almost afraid to tell you all about the Hotel Avalon because it’s such a fabulous deal in a very expensive city, and we wanted to keep it all to ourselves! However, we couldn’t do that to you, our devoted readers, so here’s the skinny on this bargain boutique hotel near the Gare du Nord.… Continue Reading →

Restaurant la Coopérative Rivoli

Crepes in Paris

Refuel at an authentic French Bistrot by the Louvre

Visiting the Louvre is a big undertaking. With 435 rooms spanning 652,300 square feet and thousands of artworks on display, you need optimum nutrition to maintain your museum visiting stamina. And by optimum nutrition, we mean crepes.

Who could resist?

If you’re not in the mood for crepes, they also have menu filled with French specialties like steak tartare and escargots.… Continue Reading →