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How to Make Instant Cash With Your Instant Camera on Vacation

How to provide tourists with vintage souvenirs and make money at the same time

Jordan from Oh Happy Day made €45 taking photographs in front of the Eiffel Tour with her vintage polaroid. Not only is this a fun way to make some mad money, but as a tourist, it would be cool to have a polaroid of your visit.… Continue Reading →

Screaming Beans

Screaming Beans Coffee is bliss

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Caffeine

At least, my head screams for caffeine in the morning, and the first thing we usually when we wake up is hunt around for my coffee fix. Good thing it’s easy to find great coffee in the Netherlands. Walk into any restaurant, cafe, bar or even coffee shop (yes those kind of coffee shops) and you’ll get a good cup of coffee served up with packets of sugar, and a little cookie or a mini-stroopwafel.… Continue Reading →

Texel Brewery

Beer Biking at its Best

This isn’t the first time we’ve biked to a brewery, as a matter of fact biking and visiting breweries are two of our favorite things – so on our second trip to Texel, we made it a priority to bike to Oudeschilde and visit the Texel Brewery.… Continue Reading →

Sprecher Brewery


A Brewery Tour that’s not just for Beer Aficionados

Milwaukee’s legacy as the beer capital of the world may be tarnished with the Closing of Pabst, Blatz and Schlitz and the sale of Miller to an international concern, but small breweries like Milwaukee Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewery and Sprecher Brewery are working hard to bring beer back to Milwaukee.… Continue Reading →

London Tube Ghost Station Posters

Abandoned London Tube Stations - Penney Design

Lovely Tube Infographics

As you’re whizzing past stations on the London Underground, do you ever wonder what happened to the closed and abandoned stations? Well wonder no more – Robert Penney has designed really cool infographic posters detailing exactly what’s going on in the Tube’s disused stations. See all 5 of the posters over in his portfolio & then buy yours here.Continue Reading →


Lanskroon, Home of the Stroopwafels!

The Best Bakery in the World

Bold words, we know, but we stand by this claim. After a transatlantic flight and a train ride into the city, the very first thing we do when we get to Amsterdam is walk down the Singel Canal and treat ourselves to lovely, gooey, crispy stroopwafels at Lanskroon.… Continue Reading →

Mapnificent Transportation Visualization Tool

London Trip Planning with Mapnificent

Find the right spot with Mapnificent

 Stefan Wehrmeyer has created a visualization tool that can help you find the best place to stay in a city, based on public transportation availability. Read more about the project over on his website.… Continue Reading →

Big Bay State Park

Camping on Madeline Island

After our sea kayaking day-trip, we loaded up our car and bikes onto the 3:30 Madeline Island Ferry, and made it to our campsite at Big Bay State Park by 4:15.

The campground is small, with only 60 sites available. The sites are also located in a marshy area, so be sure to bring lots of bug spray – the mosquitoes are numerous and tenacious!… Continue Reading →

How to Enjoy Your Vacation

Enjoying our day trip

The Washington Post’s Marta Zaraska explores whether or not vacations make us truly relaxed and happy – read the article.

Want to enjoy your time off more? Here are some of our tips:

  • Spend time planning – dreaming is half the fun
  • Make sure you build in relaxation time at the beginning of your vacation
  • Be prepared for travel disruptions and stress – let go and enjoy the journey
  • Don’t just lay on the beach – have a sightseeing and activity plan
  • Give your trip a post-mortem – put together a scrapbook or slideshow to keep that vacation feeling alive

 … Continue Reading →