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Travel Tip #9: Let your family and friends know your itinerary

Create a trip document to stay safe and organized

When travelling, a lot of things work together to ensure you can go from home to your destination and back safely. Almost always everything runs smoothly and you have the best time. Rarely it doesn’t, and if something does go wrong, it is best to be prepared.… Continue Reading →

What a wonderful world

We’re busy working on new posts, but in the meantime, we thought you would enjoy this:

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Travel Tip #8: Scan passports into the cloud

Passport Tips for Traveling

Misfortune follows the unprepared, and when the stakes are high, the misfortunes are magnified. Not to be a total bummer, but bad things can happen on vacation. Usually they don’t, but if they do, it is best to be prepared. The following tips can help ease your time if something unfortunate should happen.… Continue Reading →

San Francisco Treat

Ryan at the Fortune cookie factory

No post today, because we’re busy having adventures in San Francisco! But in the meantime, here’s a pic of Ryan learning how to make fortune cookies in Chinatown.
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Sunday Setlist, December 11

It’s Kindra’s birthday this week! So to celebrate, here are her top six songs of all time. What are your top six? Tell us in the comments. (And don’t forget to enter our contest to win tunes of your own!

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Links We Love – Vol 12


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Travel Tip #7: Do Laundry

Travel Tips - Laundry

If your trip is long enough, you will have to do laundry (or not, depending on how much basic personal hygiene matters to you). Packing light and carrying your luggage on trumps bringing enough clothes to avoid doing laundry so here are your options: do it yourself in your hotel room (shhh-hotels frown upon this), go to a laundromat and do it yourself, or have it done for you by the hotel (ooh-la-la) or at a cleaners.… Continue Reading →

Red Rocks Park

Ryan & Kindra at Red Rocks

World-Famous Amphitheater and Park Near Denver

Red Rocks. When people hear this, they think of epic outdoor concerts by A-list acts. Those who have been to shows there will tell you what an uh-may-zing time they had there enjoying the music under the stars. Red Rocks is the world’s only naturally occurring amphitheater, thanks to the giant rocks jutting from the earth where the plains meet the Rocky Mountains.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #6: Pack Plastic Bags for Laundry

Plastic Bag Travel Tips

The central tenet to packing light is not bringing a lot of clothes. With the exception of your travelling companions, no one will see you wear the same outfit twice, so wear it to your heart’s content (you hear that, favorite jeans?). Eventually, no matter how long you shine it on, at least some of your clothes will get dirty or wet.… Continue Reading →