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Sunday Set List: Love Songs Edition


Hey, it’s almost Valentines Day. Here’s a list of some of our favorite love songs. Want to get in the V-day spirit even more? Check out our downloadable wallpapers for phones, tablets and computers – this month features the Eiffel Tower, in one of the most romantic cities on earth.

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February Wallpapers

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you guys, so we created some phone, tablet and computer wallpapers for you to enjoy. Have questions? Don’t see the size you need for your device? Shoot us an email at and let us know!

Paris 320x480 (iPhone)

Paris 1024x1024 (iPad)

Paris 1280x800

Paris 1280x1024

Paris 1366x768

Paris 1440x900

Paris 1650x1050

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Downton Abbey Name Generator

Kindra’s favorite show right now is Downton Abbey. She’s L&A’s resident anglophile – as a a matter of fact, our very first international trip together was to England, and it remains one of our favorite destinations.

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Links We Love – Vol 16

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Sunday Set List: Ryan’s Birthday Edition

Hey, it’s Ryan’s birthday! To celebrate, here are some of his favorite songs from the past year.

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Links We Love – Vol 15

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Travel Tip #11: Budgeting

It's All About the Benjamins, Baby

Come up with an estimated budget and then double it.

My dad says there are two types of dollars: Regular Dollars and Vacation Dollars, and he is right. Things that would never seem like a good idea at home seem like the investment of a lifetime on vacation (ahem. $17 beer in Norway).… Continue Reading →

Asian Art Museum

San Francisco Honors Asian Culture With A Magnificent Museum

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco has one of the West’s largest collection of Asian art boasting over 18,000 objects, 2,500 of which are on display. The collection spans 6000 years of Asian culture and covers Persia, India, China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.… Continue Reading →

Tattered Cover Bookstore

Downtown indie bookstore with a massive selection

Although I do read books on my iPad, especially when we’re vacationing for a long time, there’s something about real, actual paper books that can’t be beat. And one of those things (besides of course, the fact that you can read them in the tub) is the bookstore experience.… Continue Reading →