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Sunday Set List: Brunch Edition

Ah brunch…it’s Kindra’s favorite meal, hands down. And to properly enjoy brunch, you need some smooth tunes in the background as you tuck in to your eggs and mimosas – so here’s a few songs for you to add to your brunch mix.
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Travel Tip #17: When to Buy Airplane Tickets

Airplane Tickets

This tip is short and sweet: Buy your tickets 6-12 weeks before travel. If you buy before 12 weeks out, the airlines know you have to be at that specific place for that specific time (like for a wedding) and will charge accordingly. If you wait too long and buy tickets for travel just before you leave, the airlines know you have to be there now or you would have purchased your tickets earlier and will charge accordingly.… Continue Reading →

Braise Restaurant

Wisconsin Local Cheese at Braise Restaurant

Farm-to-Table Restaurant In Walker’s Point

The┬álocavore movement is a push to return to the way humans grew and produced their food for all of history up until the last generation or so. It asks us take a hard look at what food is, how it is produced and where it comes from.… Continue Reading →

Sunday Set List: Valentines Day Hangover Edition

We’re still on a love song kick here at L&A headquarters, and we hope you are too! Here’s another batch of tunes to keep you satisfied.
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Links We Love: Vol 19

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Travel Tip #16: How to Research Airfare

How to research airfare

How to get a baseline of what your airfare will be before you book.

Start looking as soon as you have decided where you are heading off to. The price will change many times, but at least it will give you a ballpark of what your tickets will cost (within an order of magnitude).… Continue Reading →

Sunday Set List: Love Songs Part Deux

The mushiness continues! Hope you like love songs, because here’s a second helping of them for just for you.
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Links We Love: Vol 18

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Oxford Hotel

Denver’s First Hotel is also Denver’s Finest

The Oxford Hotel as been a part of Denver almost as long as there has been a Denver to be a part of. Way back at the end of the 18th century, brewer Adolph Zang (brewers seem to know what’s best for Denver) decided that there needed to be a luxury hotel close to the newly constructed Union Station to serve business and leisure travelers coming in by train.… Continue Reading →