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Photo Friday: Parfrey’s Glen

Parfrey's Glen

Parfrey’s Glen in Devil’s Lake State Park.
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Gear Review: Sunglasses

Nice Sunglasses vs Cheap Sunglasses: A Tale of Two Theories

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are perhaps the most perfect sunglasses ever designed*. They’re classic, comfortable, protect your eyes from that bright thing in the sky, and look effortlessly cool.

There’s just one little problem. They’re $100 bucks a pop, and if you’re prone to doing stupid things like wearing your sunglasses into the ocean, they’re not exactly affordable.… Continue Reading →

Minneapolis Itinerary

St. Anthony Falls & Stone Arch Bridge

Three perfect days in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is only 4 hours from Madison and 5 hours from Milwaukee. It’s an easy drive, just hop on I-94 and set your cruise control. Before you know it, you’re there! With fabulous restaurants, a stellar craft beer scene, fun attractions and plenty of recreation opportunities, our neighbor to the north is the perfect place to spend a long weekend.… Continue Reading →

Masu Sushi & Robata

Sleek, stylish and funky, Masu serves up fabulous, immaculately presented sushi and tasty robata to patrons in the Northeast neighborhood in Minneapolis. Don’t miss their unique non-alcoholic drinks like Watermelon Pickle Pop or Disrespectful to Thirst. - See more at:

The Anchor Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips at The Anchor

Authentic fish & chips in the Northeast neighborhood

Just around the corner from neighborhood fixture Dangerous Man Brewing Company lies a little slice of England plopped down in Minneapolis. From the creaking wooden sign outside to the vinegar carafes adorning the tables, The Anchor’s commitment to the full British fish n’chipper experience is extraordinary.… Continue Reading →

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge

Come for the tiki drinks, stay for the food

Psycho Suzi’s is what you get when you pour a biker bar, a beach, your salty great-aunt Lola, and a fifth of rum into a cocktail shaker and shake it up. In other words, it’s flat out fun.

The obvious draw are the tiki drinks, which range in strength from strong to zombie.… Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: Grain Belt Sign

Grain Belt Sign, Minneapolis

Nicollet Island, Minneapolis

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Dangerous Man Brewing

Small is beautiful

Nestled in the charming Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis is the tiny and vibrant Dangerous Man Brewing Company.

Despite the name and the ferociously bearded logo, Dangerous Man is first and foremost a neighborhood tap house that aims to bring fresh, delicious beer to its patrons while fostering a sense of community that harkens back to the neighborhood pubs of yore.… Continue Reading →

Gear Review: LeSportsac Abbey

The Ideal Carry-on Bag

It’s official, I’m in love with LeSportsac’s travel bags & purses.
Now you all know that I adore my Weekender. It’s been my faithful companion as we’ve traveled around the world. However, their new carry-on bag, the Abbey, is quite possibly the perfect bag for quick trips.… Continue Reading →