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The Astoria Column

Fly a balsa wood plane from the top of The Column

Thrilling Views Await

When we visited the Goonies House (post coming soon) we stopped and chatted with the neighbor girl selling hot chocolate to tourists. We asked her what else we should visit, and her number one pick was the Astoria Column. On a whim, and since we had a car for the day, we decided to follow her advice.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #43: Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Stop Sign

Listen to your gut – it’s gonna tell you what to do

It’s easy to be starry eyed when you travel. After all, you’re feeling relaxed and invigorated by your journey, and of course, you want to keep an open mind. But what happens when your gut tells your mind to shut up and get the hell out?… Continue Reading →

Riffle NW

Breezy Restaurant in Downtown Portland

Riffle NW serves up some delicious seafood in Portland’s Pearl. Located in the former industrial part of town, the interior of the restaurant evokes warehouses of old. The windows open fully to let warm, late summer breeze fill the restaurant, while Edison bulbs bathe the wooden tables and bar with a yellow glow.… Continue Reading →

Crema Cafe

Salmon Scramble at Crema

Fresh Ingredients + Alterra Coffee = A Standout Brunch

As noted previously on this blog, Kindra is a real coffee fiend, and one of her favorite local roasters is Alterra. Quite a few places in Madison serve coffee made with Alterra beans, but one of our favorites is Crema, located on the edge of Lake Monona in Madison.… Continue Reading →

Cargo Imports

Lanterns at Cargo, Portland

 A Magical Mystery Import Store

Stepping into Cargo in Portland’s Pearl District is like entering Alibaba’s cave. Filled to the rafters with lacquered furniture, silk lanterns, beads, party favors and everything in-between, this shopping mecca is a must-see for the decorating maximalist.

Everything in the store is unique and hand-picked by the owner, who possesses an idiosyncratic mind obsessed by beauty and color.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #42: Finding a House Sitter

A good pet sitter can save you time, sanity and money

As you can see, we have three adorable (and high-maintenance) pets. So when we go adventuring, we need to find suckers awesome people who will take care of them for us. Here are our tips for building a successful pet sitting relationship, so you don’t have to worry about your furry family when you’re off climbing mountains and drinking beer.… Continue Reading →

Powell’s City of Books

Powell's City of Books, Portland

An Entire City Block Filled With New & Used Books

Amazon & your Kindle may be convenient, but there’s just no substitute for the pleasure that browsing in a great bookstore can bring, and Powell’s is definitely a great bookstore. With over a million books in stock, the depth and breadth of the selection is breathtaking.… Continue Reading →

Stumptown Coffee (Downtown)

Latte at Stumptown Portland

Get your coffee fix, PDX style

Stumptown Coffee is a legend, and for good reason, in a city obsessed with coffee, it’s hands down the best place to score your caffeine fix. There are no drip machines behind the counter – each airpot of coffee is filled from french presses; and each latte is lovingly crafted by the baristas.… Continue Reading →

Portland Day Three

Portland Oregon Sign Join L&A as we visit the Goonies House in Astoria, Cannon Beach, The Column, Cartopia, Whiskey Soda Lounge, Doug Fir, and Hotel Monaco in Portland, Oregon.