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Let’s go to Brussels!

Part One: Getting There

London, Paris and Amsterdam: three capital cities that are amazing, gorgeous and have so much to offer. Now, you could grab a cheap flight from a budget carrier like Easyjet and fly there in under an hour, but unfortunately that does not take into account getting to and from the airports, queuing up for security and the waiting in the terminal and on the tarmac.… Continue Reading →

Madison Sourdough Company

Madison Sourdough Bread

Delicious bread & tasty treats

Madison Sourdough is so good, it (almost) defies description. This sunny oasis of carbs and caffeine draws us there like a lodestone. Rarely do we go a week without meeting friends for a lazy Sunday meal, or a quick stop for a morning latte and pastry.… Continue Reading →

Karben4 Brewery

NightCall, SamuRyePA, Block Party and Lady Luck Beer

Madison’s Newest Brewery Brings It

And by “it” we mean amazing beer. Take a peek…

Delicious looking amirite? Well, it tastes even better. We tried all of their available beers, and their offerings were uniformly excellent. It was hard to play favorites, but Ryan loved their SamuRyePA. It’s spicy yet maltaliciously sweet and superbly balanced.… Continue Reading →

Links We Love

JRR Tolkien Quote

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Baked Falafel Pitas

Falafel Pita

A Tasty, Healthy Sandwich to Pack on Your Travels

Here at Love & Adventure, we eschew airline food and advise you to do the same. Eating those salty, processed meals is a sure fire way to feel dead on arrival. (Feel free to drink their booze however, there’s nothing wrong with that.) To that end, we’re starting a new series on the blog, which will give you ideas for healthy, packable food that you can put in your carry on and eat on the plane.… Continue Reading →

Voodoo Doughuts

Doughnuts at Voodoo

Good Things Come in Pink Boxes

Who knew that doughnuts could be so devilish? When I was a kid, doughnuts were the treat you washed down with a styrofoam cup of chocolate milk after mass. They were powdery, sweet and angelic as they come. Well, they do things differently in PDX.  … Continue Reading →