London Eye

The London Eye Sees All

When you go on vacation, going to the top of things is often high on the list of sightseeing activities, and London has its fair share of tall buildings and monuments. However, the London Eye is one of the easiest, accessible and most spectacular ways to get an eagle eye view of  London.… Continue Reading →

Downton Abbey Name Generator

Kindra’s favorite show right now is Downton Abbey. She’s L&A’s resident anglophile – as a a matter of fact, our very first international trip together was to England, and it remains one of our favorite destinations.

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Fine Italian Dining in Downtown San Francisco

Fino Ristorante and Bar is a cozy little place just off Union Square that has quiet, comfortable dining area that stands in stark contrast to the crowds and noise of this tourisy area. The entrance is around back, so follow the neon sign arrow around the corner.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #13: Finding Good Prices on Airfare

Leaving on a jet plane

So you are thinking of going on a trip, huh? You’ve saved some money and gotten some time off work, so it’s hasta luega to to the daily grind, and you’re off to see the world! First of all, congratulations-deciding to go is the biggest hurdle. Probably the second biggest challenge, however, is finding reasonable airfare.… Continue Reading →


Sushi at Ozumo in San Francisco

Best Sushi in San Francisco

That’s what Yelp said, and we concur. Located near the Ferry Building, Ozumo is a large restaurant featuring a sushi bar, grill, sake lounge and dining areas. The restaurant offers lovely views of the Embarcadero and the Bay, but you would not know this from the entrance on Steuart Street.… Continue Reading →

Sears Fine Food

Great Food With a Side of Nostalgia

Along the cable car line on Powell Street just north of Union Square is a San Francisco institution: Sears Fine Food. Sears opened it doors in 1938 and has been serving steaks, seafood and cocktails to locals and tourists alike for over 70 years.… Continue Reading →

Lombard Street, Gough Street and Alamo Square

The Full House House - San Francisco

Scene Around San Francisco

San Francisco is a very popular setting for movies. The city’s unique geography and iconic architecture make it an interesting place to set a story. The most famous landmarks appear in the usual roundup of San Francisco movies (Coit Tower in Dirty Harry, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mission Dolores in Vertigo, the Palace of Fine Arts and Alcatraz in So I Married an Axe Murderer and The Rock) and you would have visited them anyway, movies or no movies.… Continue Reading →

Links We Love – Vol 16

Frites in Amsterdam Continue Reading →

Honey Honey

Honey Honey Crepe, San Francisco

Brunch Done Right in San Francisco

It is no secret that L&A loves brunch. With the expanded menu, the leisurely pace, the slice of cantaloupe at the end and a whole day off that lies ahead filled with endless potential, what’s not to love? You can tell the good brunch places because there is a line out of the door on weekend mornings, and San Francisco’s Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery is no exception.… Continue Reading →